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Benvengut (welcome) in Nice, or if you’re not there yet my congratulations, very good choice. The capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera, founded by the Greeks in the 3rd century BC, and being a border town Nice has changed a lot of sovereignty, which makes Nice a city with a very developed and rich history, it is a city of art and history classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2020.

Nice also enjoys a natural attraction, indeed it is located between sea and mountain. There are plenty of things to do so let me show you how to visit Nice or if you prefer I can directly make you discover my city in one of my visits to Nice

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The Old Town

You can start from the heart of Nice, small narrow alley, it’s colorful market these countless bar and restaurant in short there is a lot to visit in Old Nice.

The Cours Saleya 

It is one of the most famous streets of old Nice, mainly thanks to its flower market lined by restaurants and bars. But there are also Nice’s must-see monuments such as the Prefecture Palace, the Nice Opera House and the Matisse House.

Justice palace square

Place made famous thanks to the unfamous Spaggiari, a thief who committed the heist of the century. The architecture is particularly rich on this square, but we will not hide that it is above all a place of passage, even if there are very nice pubs not far away.

Rossetti Square

Also the heart of the heart of Nice l, this square is well known in Nice for its ice cream Fenocchio it is the oldest of the oldest ice cream maker of Nice and what makes the beauty of this square is especially the cathedral st Réparate, despite its small size it is a building to visit, it is one of the rare cathedral in France to have a baroque style and it is especially one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Nice.

The Lascaris Palace

Going up to the north of the city, you can discover the most remarkable monument of the Nice civil baroque which was the home of one of the most influential families of Nice.

Saint-François square

Continuing even further north you can discover once the cloister of the convent of the same name of which there remains only the fountain of Dolphins in the center, this square is now known for its fish market. The Municipal Palace of Turin Baroque style located on the square, is the old town hall.

The famous Promenade des Anglais 

One of the symbols of Nice and a showcase of the Azure coast, built by British winterers during the belle époque. In short, it is a must in Nice. You have private beaches like Castel Plage or Le Galet, all along the promenade and paddle and parasailing rentals.  

The Rooftops

In town or facing the sea it is always better to take the height to better appreciate the landscape and the calm Le Méridien and “Le 3em” at the Palais de la Méditerranée are on the Promenade, but there is the Hotel Aston which has a beautiful view of the sea and the Old Nice, and also its gigantic Monument to the Dead, the largest in Nice

Villa Masséna 

This villa is one of the few examples of small secondary residences built by the English aristocracy for their stay in Nice. Today you can visit the majestic interior of this villa, it is a museum about the history of Nice.

Phoenix Park

If you are fascinated by nature you must visit this park. Thanks to its monumental greenhouse you can travel in a few minutes from Southern Africa to the bayou of Louisiana through the Amazon rainforest. If you’re interested I wrote an article about this unique park.

Rauba Capeu

Recognizable from afar thanks to the famous #IloveNice this quay offers a magnificent view of the Bay of Angels.

The Castle Hill

It is the favorite park of the Nice’s peoples perfect to take height, and refresh if you want to know everything I wrote an article about this park 

Bellanda Tower 

Only remnant of the destruction of the castle of Nice by the French troops, Accessible by an elevator down the hill, the greatest adventurers of us can climb to the top by the Lesage staircase. They look impressive, but in the end are not too difficult to climb. 

The Castle’s Waterfall

The best reward after this climb is to be able to refresh in front of the waterfall (do not swim) just before climbing to the top to enjoy the best view of Nice.

The Archaeological Excavations

We find the remains of the ancient fortified city of which the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie you may know it today under the name of the Cathedral of Sainte Réparate. 

The Lympia Harbor

The traditionals Pointus

They are the main attraction of the port, these traditional fishing boats of Nice and Provence are full of color. You can even get a “free ride” on Lou Passagin, it’s the tip that allows you to cross the port without having to walk around.

La Réserve Beaches

It is quite small but little known to tourists. It is one of the favorite beaches of Nice. For movie lovers, you may recognize this beach that was used as the location for the movie “Brice de Nice”. Right next door even more discreetly, you have the beach of the Reserve and Coco Beach. There are only rocks there but there are even fewer frequencies and the water is just as beautiful.

Terra Amata Museum

If you like prehistory, this museum should please you. Based on an archaeological site dating back 400,000 years, you will be able to discover the life of the first people of Nice, from hunting elephants to using tools made from the famous pebbles. In the same theme there is the Lazaret cave right next door, it is a real time trip, an invitation to imagine their way of life.

La Socca d’Or and Chez Pipo 

These two restaurants are the source of a debate between the peoples of Nice some say that the best Socca of Nice is at Chez Pipo and others say that it is the Socca d’Or. There is also La Gratta closer to the reserve that makes good Pan Bagnat and also the only place in Nice where you can still eat a speciality of Nice la Gratta Keka (it’s just a homemade granita)


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The Flea Market

The perfect place to shop in flea markets, the flea market is famous although very small.

Florian Confectionery

The confectionery of Nice in addition to offering delicious sweets, also offers to visit the confectionery and discover their craft.

The District of Cimiez

One of the most beautiful areas of Nice, very appreciated by the people of Nice for its traditional festivals such as the Mai festival or Cougourdon festival which are a bit like the “national festivals” of Nice. If you want to know everything about this beautiful area I propose a Visit of Cimiez 

Excelsior Regina Hotel 

Hotels palace dit collinaire, it is one of the jewels of the Belle Époque that was erected for Queen Victoria who came to spend all her winters in Nice.

The Roman Gallo city of Cemenelum

Formerly capital of the Maritimae Alps. Today we still find the amphitheater, three complete thermal baths, streets, a network of sewers, but the best preserved building remains the baths of magistrates, which you can visit with the archaeological museum

The Monastery of Cimiez

Built by the Benedictines in the 9th century, the monastery is well known in Nice for its garden built by the Romans in the 1st century, which makes it the oldest garden of the French Riviera, it also offers a superb panorama of the city.

Villefranche’s Harbour

Villefranche sur mer

You will be able to walk in a miniature version of the old Nice much quieter and restful, visit the citadel of Saint-Elme, one of the pillars of the Nice defensive system and one of the first examples of bastioned fortification in Europe. To find out more about this beautiful city I suggest you take a small guided tour.  Enjoying a beautiful harbor and sumptuous beaches that you can find in my article on the best beaches of the French Riviera

Mount Boron’s Forest Park

Mount Boron is considered the hunting ground of the very first men of Nice whose traces of more than 400,000 years were found on the site of Terra Amata. It is the only hill in Nice to have a typical Mediterranean forest park that offers a magnificent view of the bay of Villefranche and Nice. A hike to Mont Boron Park is also available.

The Saint Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula

On this peninsula there is a beautiful maritime trail that makes the tour. It is a very popular place for billionaires. There is the famous Villa Rothschild that you can visit if you want a perfect example of opulence at its peak but for me my favorite villa is the Villa kérylos in Beaulieu sur mer, it is a replica of the Roman villas of antiquity. 

Villa Kérilos

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Honorable Mentions

National Sports Museum

To change a bit of art and history, you can visit the only sports museum in France. The exhibition has a very original interactive part, it covers the history of some champions, the history and evolution of the sport itself with some artistic interpretations and also impressive trophies. You can also visit the stadium of the Allianz Riviera. If you are interested in museums here is a list of museums to visit in Nice.

Russian Cathedral

The Saint-Nicolas Cathedral of Nice, is located on avenue Nicolas II, west of the Nice city train station, it is rather off-centered.

It is one of the largest churches built outside the Russian Orthodox world.

This cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful monuments of Nice, and a must in Nice! It also offers an exotic trip to Russia.

Masséna and Garibaldi squares

These places are unmissable in Nice Place Massena is the largest square in Nice and Place Garibaldi is the oldest. They are both inspired by Turin squares and are also in the colors of the Piedmont Sardinia Kingdom.

Place Masséna

Place Garibaldi

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